giovedì 29 dicembre 2016

Shoeapps! New life for your shoes!

Hello fashion babes! You already know that I love shoes, any woman does. And often we have some pair of our favorite shoes that maybe don't use anymore o maybe used them so many times, that they become "old" too fast. I have great news for you, now we can give another "chance" to our shoes even if they too "old" or too classic. Let me introduce   Shoeapps, the brand that creates amazing accessories for shoes.

 The SHOEAPPS brand was founded in 2015 in Cologne, their manufacturing is situated in the small artisan factory, located near Lucca, 14 century city in Tuscany, in the heart of Italian luxury leather industry, . Shoeapps are always made in limited editions using remains (left overs) from luxury brands leather productions. The creative director of this brand is Elena Nazaroff, fashion designer, world traveller and mother of 2 children.

K. -Elena, how was born the idea to create shoe apps?
E. -After more than 20 years in fashion industry I was aware of huge amount of left overs our industry produces. I really wanted to create luxury sustainable product. Last couple of years I was travelling around Europe together with my 8 year old son,  looking for inspirations, while its found me!! Travelling around ,especially with children required very smart packing and small suitcases, I reallized that shoes take the most space in our luggage, I created shoeapps, an easy to put on accessories that instantly transfers the look of your shoes. I was able to have variety of styles during my travels and have a lot of space in my luggage for my clothes. I didn't have to make any sacrifices!!  

K. - How many models are present in your last collection? Which materials are used to produce your items?
E. -We are taking different aproach to designing, since it is travel accessories made from remaints of high quality leathers and other materials, we introduce new style every month, every style is done in limited editions in variety of colors. Once it's sold those colors never repeat again. So it is always unique. We are also working on some interesting collaborations with on and off line ratailers, we will keep you posted.

K. -Wow, I love the idea about limited edtion! It means that there is no chance to see the same accessories on the feet of some girl at the same party. Elena,  can you describe a woman who chooses your accessories? 
E. -It is  a cosmopolitan woman who travels, with sence of style, who likes variety and appreciates high quality, who cares about sustainability in product and her life style. 

K. -Fashion advice from Elena? 
E. -Always stay true to your personal style, eclectic or classical, bend the rules and stay creative!! Shoeapps is a great tool for your creativity!!

You can buy Shoeapps ,visiting the website

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