lunedì 20 luglio 2015

Killerivy Swimwear. So cool! So fashion!

 Hello , fashionistas , today i'm gonna tell You about new brand of swimwear! It's called Killerivy Swimwear. It was founded this year in April. Maya Frai is the CEO along with her sister, Shellie Frai, whom is creative director of this brand. 
Their  last collection was the "Summer Starts Here" collection that is up on our website that showcases all of our summer must-have bikinis. And the  best-seller of this collection  is the Barbados Top. It is the most unique top because of its meticulous design and bright colors. It is one of our most loved.
 I asked Maya if they have tried to experiment with some innovative or recycled fabrics to produce their swimwear. " We have not yet experimented with recycled fabrics, but are hoping to in the future. We are very eco-friendly. Mostly, our bikinis are made of spandex and usual lycra swimsuit fabric. Some of our swimsuits are made with a neoprene material. We have made sure to allow any woman to fill confident in our bikinis with comfortable fabric", says Maya.
 In their production they always use various colors for their  bikinis because they know that everyone has different tastes. "We love pastel colors but absolutely adore the bright red and blue hues. We always make sure to have black bikinis because they will never go out of fashion. 
 We make sure to offer variety in our bikinis in order to satisfy every girl looking for a comfortable and chic bikini. We also make sure to offer the best prices and discounts so every girl can buy a unique bikini at reasonable prices. We want to make sure that every girl is confident in our bikinis,"- says Maya.
 For the moment they  only have an online store, which is Their  website consists of all of our bikinis and jewelry. In the future, they are hoping to sell sandals and handbags. 
I ask  Maya an advise to choose the right bikini and be fashion. "Being comfortable is the most important thing. Our bikinis offer our customers a wide range of styles for every taste to be adhered to." 

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