sabato 2 gennaio 2016

Becki Coakley

Hello my fashion yummiers! Are you hungry of news? ? So I've got some really cool yumms from US! The new brand which produces amazing shoes!  
This brand was founded by Becki Coakley who is  also the creative director. Becki Coakley produces a woman's luxury line made of the best materials and Made in Italy.
Her latest collection is called the "Intro collection." It is made up of 
9 designs that includes: 2 pumps, 1 bootie, and 6 other sandal style, 
open-toe designs.  "I decided to do this collection of all high heels 
because I really wanted to introduce myself and really emphasize the 
styles that I love designing and also love wearing the most,"- says Becki.  "The 
designs were all named after women that are very important to me in my 
life and that have made a huge impact."

 In this collection Becki  was inspired by a lot of lines and 
symmetry. "I pulled inspiration from various architecture, landscapes, 
and personal styles of myself and others. My mother who has passed influenced me heavily on this collection by her personal style."
 In this collection mostly were used materials as 
 napa, calfskin leathers and suede. 
"Becki, can you describe a woman who chooses your shoes?"  "The Becki Coakley woman is one that is self-confident and not one to shy away from the right kind of attention because she will definitely be the center of attention, when she wears on of my creations. She will get complimented over and over on her shoes. She is also a woman whose style tends to be classic, chic, sophisticated, but also sexy and unique. I imagine her to be professional with a go getter attitude that loves beautiful shoes!"
 "Do you also produce some other accessories?  "Not at this time, I want to totally focus on shoes, but in the future who knows, what else i may decide to get into..."
 "Fashion advise from Becki Coakley?" "My fashion advice to others is 
to be true to yourself and to make sure that you have the necessary 
staples in your closet. Also, in regards to shoes especially, I can't 
emphasize enough that quality is so much better than quantity. 
Quality shoes and items might cost you more upfront but it will save 
you so much in the long run because they will last so much longer and 
will turn out to be a great investment. So my advice is to invest in 
quality staple pieces!"
These amazing shoes can be purchased at  e-boutique at   


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