domenica 1 novembre 2015

Blood &Honey. Made with fur.

Hey guys! The winter is coming , so we need something to wear  to face the cold. Today i'm gonna tell you about young brand who works with fur and creates amazing clothes! Blood & Honey  was founded only year ago. 16th of September it celebrated its first Birthday.
It's half Ukrainian half American brand, but currently  located in Ukraine. The creative director  of the brand is Lidia Pfayfer. Her main speciality is an interior design, that’s why she is so good in the colors selection.
In addition to the fur coats, they  produce cardigans with fur pockets, dresses with mink cuffs, skirts made of leather and broadtail fur, turtlenecks, shoes and  also accessories: scarves, bags, gloves.
 Blood & Honey  works only with natural fur, such as  arctic fox, mink, rex, broadtail, mouton.
For knitted clothing items they  use cashmere, wool, silk-cashmere.
 Their potential client has no age, she can be 25 or 55, it doesn't matter. She is  confident, flirty, pretty girl, luxury-loving.
 The last collection has about 64 pieces. An absolute must-have is scarfs  "LOVE", cashmere dresses with mink cuffs, skirts with turtlenecks and flirty sandals with mink fur.

 You can acquire products through their  website  or via instagram.

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